Hiring the Best Epoxy Flooring Contractor

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Are you planning to install an epoxy coating on your facility’s flooring? If so, do you know how to hire the right contractor for the job? What questions should you ask to find a reputable contractor? What factors should you be comparing?  

Just like any construction industry, the epoxy floor coating industry has become filled with companies. Some of these companies are questionable. Unluckily, a lot of these businesses aren’t using the right materials and methods for epoxy flooring installation.  

If you want to choose the right flooring contractor, you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge and ask the right questions. Here are several things to consider when hiring an industrial epoxy flooring Craigieburn  

What’s the Warranty? 

Almost every professional epoxy flooring company is providing lifetime warranties nowadays. Typically, the warranty covers peeling and delamination, color-shifting, discoloration, and particular forms of stains.  

This isn’t a finish warranty. It doesn’t cover damage from other elements or changes in the substrate. On almost every occasion, this warranty only applies to the current owner of the facility. It isn’t transferrable in a sale.  

What Materials Will They Use? 

A real professional will not purchase materials at home improvement shops. They will usually buy their materials directly from the manufacturer. This enables them to get more affordable pricing on premium quality materials.  

The contractor should be proud of the materials they use. The truth is that they should make it a selling point to attract more customers.  

If you ask them, they should also be happy to offer the information of the manufacturer, along with the SDS and technical data on every material they’ll utilize. It’s a huge red flag if they aren’t willing to do these things.  

Get Warranties, Contracts, and Estimates in Writing 

You do not want to get an estimate through the phone. You need to make sure they are in written format. At a minimum, every estimate you get should answer some questions. This includes: 

  • What’s the warranty? 
  • What’s the overall thickness of every individual coat? 
  • How many coats will be utilized? 
  • What type of coating is the estimate for? 
  • What method of surface preparation will be done? 

If you cannot answer these questions using the details that you can find in the estimate, it’s a red flag for the company. Make sure the company gives a written estimate that includes all the information you need without asking them. 

Are They Insured and Licensed? 

Is the company licensed? A lot of states require some type of contractor’s license to perform epoxy coatings. If your state doesn’t need a license, make sure you ask the contractor if they’re properly licensed.  

Also, several states require contractors to be bonded. Ask the contractor for the certification and bond number. You can always contact the contractor again if you’ve got legitimate problems with the work.  

At a minimum, the contractor you hire should have general liability insurance. If you hire a contractor without insurance, you’ll end up being liable in case something happens during the project, such as injuries and accidents. 

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